Ramayana Ballet dance performance is to be in your itinerary and program during your holiday to Yogyakarta. Ramayana Ballet Performance 2019 is a bit different with the former performance last year. Ramayana Ballet 2019 will take at two different places based on the seasons (dry season and rainy season). During the dry season (May – October) will use an outdoor stage with a temple (Prambanan main temples) as the backdrop. While, during the rainy season (January-December) they will be placed at in-door stage. It is still great for the performance is very professional in art and culture.

JavaBaliTrip company will make sure your seat available and recommend you to have a dinner at the same place. JavaBaliTrips has special seats at the restaurant where you may enjoy the delicious buffet dinner with a best view of Prambanan temple. JavaBaliTrip will be flexible to organize watching the performance combined with other activities during the day, or just watching the performance without other activities.

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